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  1. RES 20R-12-243 Request Congress Pass Stimulus for Local Governments 2021

  2. RES 21R-01-07 Appoint Members to Public Art Committee

  3. RES 21R-01-08 Appoint Members to Code Enforcement Board

  4. RES 21R-01-09 Appoint Aaron Whitfield to P & Z

  5. RES 21R-01-10 Appoint Members to ACT Board

  6. RES 21R-01-13 Appoint Members to Educational Advisory Board

  7. RES 21R-01-20 Reaffirm City's Commitment to First Amendment Rights

  8. RES 21R-02-27 Appoint Members Youth Council

  9. RES 21R-02-28 Appoint Bertram Coney Recreation Advisory Board

  10. RES 21R-02-39 Support MPO to Urge FDOT Full Project Funding

  11. RES 21R-03-65 Renew Restate Objection to NW 44 Street and NW 64 Ave Ingress and Egress

  12. RES 21R-03-66 Oppose SB 284 - Preempt Local Adoption Zoning and Dev Standards

  13.  RES 21R-03-67 Oppose SB 266 and HB 403 - Preempt Local Regulation Home Based Businesses

  14. RES 21R-03-72 Oppose HB 1129 and SB 1678 - Stautory Limits on Tort Claims Against Local Gov

  15. RES 21R-06-117 Oppose Clawback of American Rescue Plan Act Funds

  16. RES 21R-08-170 Parking License Agreement for 426 NW 40 Avenue


  1.  RES 22R-01-01 Donation of Fire Truck and Ambulance to Bahamas

  2.  RES 22R-02-26 Rename St George Park Basketball Court - Coach Butch Ingram

  3.  RES 22R-02-28 Support Voting Rights for All Floridians

  4.  RES 22R-02-30 Support Senate Bill 876 House Bill 399 - Prohibit Stunt Driving and Vehicle Racing

  5.  RES 22R-02-46 Encourage Broward Health Build Medical Facility in Central Broward

  6.  RES 22R-03-64 Support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Appointment to Supreme Court

  7.  RES 22R-04-80 Urge Governor DeSantis to Veto SB 620

  8.  RES 22R-07-140 City Events Programs Sign Policy


  1. RES 23R-01-29 Urge Reversal of Rejection of AP Course on African American Studies

  2. RES 23R-02-38 Dais Seating Arrangement

  3. RES 23R-04-86 Oppose SB 798 abd HB 975

  4. RES 23R-04-115 Oppose HB 822 and SB 714 - Short Term Rental Legislation - Shortcut

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