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1. ORD 21O-06-118 Amend Political Sign Requirements

2. ORD 21O-06-121 Establish Young Professional Advisory Board

3. ORD 21O-07-122 Suspension or Revocation of COU Business Tax Receipt for False Affidavits

4. ORD 21O-10-143 Solicitors and Peddlers - Aggressive Soliciting

5. ORD 21O-10-144 Disorderly Conduct at Mass Transit Facilities

6. ORD 21O-12-157 Donations Contributions by City


1. ORD 22O-01-100 Require CPTED Inspections for Convenience Stores

2. ORD 22O-07-121 Replace Special Events Article

3. ORD 22O-09-132 Amend Speed Hump Requirements

4. ORD 22O-10-141 Amend Sign Requirements

5. ORD 22O-11-142 Allow Vehicles to Park on Sidewalks

6. ORD 22O-11-143 Allow Garbage Put Out Weekend Before

7. ORD 22O-12-147 Regulation of HOA Meeting Sign Placement


1. RES 23R-01-29 Urge Reversal of Rejection of AP Course on African American Studies

2. RES 23R-02-38 Dais Seating Arrangement

3. RES 23R-04-86 Oppose SB 798 abd HB 975

4. RES 23R-04-115 Oppose HB 822 and SB 714 - Short Term Rental Legislation – Shortcut

5. RES 23R-06-136 Support 2023 JCC Maccabi Games & ACCESS

6. RES 23R-07-185 Funding Sources for Condo Inspection Damages

7. ORD 23O-06-110 Amend CBAB Map

8. RES 23R-07-186 Funding Source Countywide Condo Inspection Damages

9. RES 23R-08-203 Rename Golf Course Building Tyson Jones Center

10. RES 23R-09-237 Condemn African American History Academic Standards

11. RES 23R-09-250 Support Helper Act of 2023


1. RES 24R-01-15 Oppose Increase to Homestead Exemption

2. RES 24R-01-14 Oppose HB 267 Imposing Unreasonable Time Frames Building Permit Review

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